Ferid Hasbun

filmmaker | photographer

Short film written and directed by Carlos Durrif with Felipe Rueda as Director of Photography. A gig as 2nd Camera Assistant.

Clara and Gio will be meet for the first time in that place where the soul wonders, that space between death and life where their dreams will become the settings for a love story beyond time and memories, a place where the awakening shows a their greatest ally or their worst enemy … keep dreaming and stay together, or do wake up and live apart?

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INDIGO is the first single of Ivan Modoni’s upcoming EP “Gipsy Soul” and it’s correspondent LP called INDIGO coming out in Autumn 2014. It’s also my directing debut for a broad audience.

You can check out the set pictures and the credits here.


Mosquito Movie by Timo von Gunten

MOSQUITO is a short movie by Timo von Gunten and produced by Cognito Films early 2013.   It’s a modern Western telling a story about a fight between a man and a mosquito; non-verbally. The annoying buzz deep in the night drives many people crazy.…

Mosquito Movie




This video is my interpretation of the song “Gun” by Emiliana Torrini.

I shot “Breath” in New York as a part of a series of short films during my workshop at the New York Film Academy. We used an Arriflex 16-S camera and shot it on Tri-X Reversal black & white film.