Ferid Hasbun

filmmaker | photographer
Mosquito Movie by Timo von Gunten

MOSQUITO is a short movie by Timo von Gunten and produced by Cognito Films early 2013. It’s a modern Western telling a story about a fight between a man and a mosquito; non-verbally. The annoying buzz deep in the night drives many people crazy. Turning…

Mosquito Movie



This video is my interpretation of the song “Gun” by Emiliana Torrini.

I shot “Breath” in New York as a part of a series of short films during my workshop at the New York Film Academy. We used an Arriflex 16-S camera and shot it on Tri-X Reversal black & white film.


Figureen is a fashion brand created by Kenn Hall. You can follow his blog here.

This video was shot at the High Line Park during my stay in New York in 2012 where I successfully completed the Eight Week Filmmaking Workshop at the New York Film Academy.